Offshore wind

At this moment, to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, the Netherlands have a large ambition in realizing wind at sea.The coming years it is planned to build 1 Gigawatt of energy generated by offshore wind farms at the Dutch North sea.

With ever increasing wind turbine sizes from 5, 6, 8, 10 and soon 12 MW a piece the impact on logistics is growing as well. There are many Offshore Wind Farms yet to be constructed in a short period of time to contribute to the energy transition from fossil to renewable energy. On and Offshore wind has developed into an extremely high & heavy business that pushes the limits of what is possible by humans and machines.

Rhenus is providing services to all related industry and energy sectors in the fields of worldwide specialized transport and storage of goods and large, heavy and oversized equipment to unburden the industry and let them do what they are best in.

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Our Offshore Wind Services

Supply Runs

Rhenus Offshore Logistics is organizing supply runs on the Southern North sea.

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Offshore Wind Specialist in Rotterdam

Meet Hans van Hooff, Manager Offshore Wind

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