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Oil & Gas

Crude oil, floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSO’s), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), energy transition, oil prices, OPEC output, Refining margins, energy outlook, oil supply, drilling, fracking, offshore oil & gas exploration and productions, carbon capture and storage, electrification.

These are not buzz-words but daily business and show how versatile the oil & gas industry is. This versatile and volatile business impacts the day-to-day lives of people without them realizing it. It is projected that global oil demand will increase with 23% until at least the year 2035. The logistical and transport sector with its ships, trucks and planes and industry as a whole have the highest demand.

Rhenus is providing services to all related industry and energy sectors in the fields of worldwide specialized transport and storage of goods and large, heavy and oversized equipment to unburden the industry and let them do what they are best in.


Bart-Luc Olde Hanter
Head of Business Development

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OIl & Gas


A focal point of Rhenus Logistics B.V. is the integrated decommissioning services for obsolete oil & gas platforms coming from the North Sea.

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