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Rhenus enables offshore grid connections

Together with our colleagues from Rhenus Offshore Logistics, we are involved in a very exciting project. To enable offshore grid connections, powerful offshore transformer stations are being built at 20km offshore off the Dutch coast.

Our customer HSM Offshore BV is currently constructing these platforms and needs all kinds of supplies, such as water, fuel, food, building materials and tools. As of last year, we have acted as an offshore supply base from the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal in Rotterdam and have assisted every 3 weeks with supply runs to Borssele Alpha. This year we managed to receive the order to do the same for platform Borssele Beta.

Our deep sea terminal is ideally located in the port of Rotterdam due to its proximity to the North Sea. As supply vessel hub we can offer our customers a quick turnaround time and excellent quay facilities.


Sander Klapwijk
Head of Sales


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