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A focal point of Rhenus Logistics B.V. is the integrated decommissioning services for obsolete oil & gas platforms coming from the North Sea.

Together with sister company Remondis, Rhenus has an ambition and vision regarding contributing to the circular economy by offering its services.

Remondis is one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies. With over 30.000 employees and around 800 business locations on 4 continents, the group serves more than 30 million people and many thousands of companies.

The combination of transport and recycling services provide many synergies to the offshore industry.

The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal functions as a turntable where the different supply chains connect.

Another company within the Remondis group of companies is HKS Metals in ‘sGravendeel. HKS is the Netherlands largest metal recycling company, processing a million tons of iron, metal and electronics per year.

Remondis BUCHEN-ICS in Rotterdam is the ultimate expert in the field of industrial services, waste processing and decontamination. The combined strengths of the Group are highly extensive and deployable at a great many industrial locations. 

In combination with their sister company Xervon they serve the chemical and petrochemical but also nuclear industries. Xervon is a leading industrial scaffolding and insulation company.

Remondis Netherlands in Strijen is a general waste collector and recycler.

Rhenus Offshore Logistics provides turnkey supply runs for offshore platforms. Other services are crew transfers, walk-to-work campaigns, offshore maintenance, port agencies, container depot management for offshore containers, cargo runs, cable handlings etc.

The assets of Rhenus Logistics B.V. as a logistical service provider and port terminal operator enable the related group companies to offer the services needed to the market as a 1-stop-shop by integrating the individual supply chains.


Integrated Supply Chains


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